Yay! Thanks for stopping by the about page! Now- as they say in Canada- I will tell you aboat myself + this here blog...

Pretty much everything you'll read here will reflect the values that we hold as a family : hospitality, simplicity, celebration, community, worship, creativity, the ministry of tex mex. But if I were to condense everything you might find on this blog into some sort of theme, it would probably come down to this at its most basic. This is a line from an Alexander McCall Smith poem that my high school creative writing teacher gave to me before our wedding. It has had a special place in our home ever since.

We create, in the places where we live, a nest of meaning,
how big or small is neither here nor there.

I hope when you pop by this blog you feel like you have a place in our little nest of meaning. I wish you could be in my living room having coffee + gingerbread and talking about these things with me, but in the meantime I hope you feel a little more connected or encouraged when you leave this site, and I hope you start feathering your own little nest of meaning too.


Important Things About Me : I'm a wife, mother, Jesus-follower, veggie-lover, and I'm an Austinite living in Katy. I love Motown music, creeks that don't have alligators in them (#bayoulife), iced lattes, rom-com's from the 90's, reading, and cooking. As such, you will see a lot of stuff about Jesus, family,  playlists, recipes, book lists, and other happy miscellany. You will not see any posts about how to get a toned butt, or any graphics that say fri-yay. None of that nonsense here. 

Less Important Things About Me That You Might Still Find Interesting : I hate cilantro. I love French music. I like to quote movies and TV shows but not say which ones they're from. I love catching typos. I don't like to watch sports, but I like to have parties where people come over and watch sports, but I just make snacks and talk. I'm an enneagram nine (the peacemaker) with a six wing (the loyalist). So basically if you and I were to meet for the first time, I would want you to feel at peace and for us to connect, but I would also be paying attention to see if you had any ulterior motive, or could have been exposed to tuberculosis. My pet peeves are when people smack their food- unless it's my son, then it's just cute- and when people say they don't like a vegetable, but they are willing to acquire a taste for alcohol. JUST ACQUIRE A TASTE FOR BRUSSELS SPROUTS ALREADY. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. 

Gosh, I just love y'all already. Thanks for reading.