Oh, BLESS the tidbits! 

These always pull me from the trenches of "ugh blogging is hard and I don't know what to say and we ate all the muffins before I took pictures or got like, actual measurements for the recipe." #thestruggleisreal

Two weeks ago, I went to the first ever Confetti Guide LIVE, hosted by Lauren Gaige and Susie Davis, at the cottage on Lake Austin. And. It was just everything. It was an opportunity to dream with other creatives, talk about our fears in sharing our art, share safeguards against comparison, and learn how to take our dreams from concept to confetti! It was incredible to look in the faces of dancers, painters, calligraphers, writers,and photographers- people I had just met!- and feel such kinship and safety. It felt like church. We talked about our creative God and His heart for us, we talked about the way fear silences and corners us, and then we sat on the shores of the lake and ate green beans amandine and cold grilled chicken and it was all just perfect. I want to have creative community like that all the time. 


cheese .JPG

This grilled cheese. I don't know what to say except "Oh Yes We Did." And that we used mayonnaise on the outside of the bread rather than butter or olive oil, per Food52's tip, and it was lovely. It adds a fun little dynamic and browns beautifully. 


Here we come a pumpkin-patching tra la la la laaaaa! I love pumpkins. I love fall. I love these things so much I insisted on wearing a jacket in 86 degree weather to show my support for the season. "The Great Pumpkin will come! You'll see!" 

We found a cat! We were taking a walk and this little orange fella came running up to us. I talked to her a while and we petted her and she followed us when we walked off. This is always the saddest thing to me, but usually the cat determines we're not worth it and sits down to take a bath. But not this cat!!! She followed us all the way home! So we gave her some friskies and some snuggles and tested out a bunch of names before finally deciding on Scout.

All that to say, I have no idea if we will ever see this cat again. 


Also, here is some reading material for you. Jen Hatmaker did this awesome post called "The Gate is Open" and I would highly encourage you to go read it as she is hilarious and also incredibly wise. 

What about you? What are you up to? Are you getting ready for fall 


goodbye, summer