goodbye, summer


Here's hoping that a "goodbye summer" post will hasten fall along! Here are some of my favorite highlights from summer. Cheers.  

from left to right: 

  • "Shootin' some b-ball outside of the school." We have the good fortune that almost every time we try to play PIG, it starts drizzling! And Robin has the good fortune that I am horrible at this game (except when I get him with my left-handed granny toss.) (which makes it sound like I just threw a left-handed old woman at him.) (ha.) 
  • Fried Fish. Oh how I do love you. I'm just saying goodbye to eating you in summer. See you again at Christmas. 
  • Marble Slab Ice Cream. I have gotten the same thing here ever since I was old enough to place my own order - swiss chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkle chocolate chips. Bluebell's back though, so ice cream all fall, woot! 
  • Succulent Hunting. Aren't these all so pretty? I have several of them at home and they are all still alive! It makes me feel very adult. 
  • IF: Pray. My mom and I hosted an IF: Local with some friends and prayed through John 17 and it was incredible. If you haven't heard me rant on IF enough, check 'em out here. This fall we're going through several of the stories of women in the Bible. 
  • Isn't this so lovely? We played a camp here and this was right outside our cabin. In other news, pine needles are my favorite. You should have seen the ground under these! It was like pine carpet. 
  • Mom's birthday. I just like to celebrate my people. Some friends made pulled pork sandwiches and this raspberry swirl cake and we drank coffee and watched the guys get way too competitive at pool. So thankful to have so many great people to celebrate, and also so many people who know how to cook.  
  • I went to the Austin Opera Gala like a fancy person!!! I'd wanted to see the symphony for a while and wouldn't ya know that someone had free tickets for seats on the second row. #blessed
  • Did I mention we're making an EP? No? Well. WE'RE MAKING AN EP. Rob's been slaving away at it and it will be out hopefully after the New Year. I'll keep you posted on progress

Not pictured: potluck dinners with our community group, starting the Artist's Way, a big ole family vacation, dune buggies (hopefully pics to come!), breakfast cookies, and so many other things but it's been summer for a good long time and right now I can only go back a few weeks. 

What were your favorite parts of this summer?