dear mom,


dear mom,

your house will forever be

chocolate chip cookies

in the oven.

*a poem by Caitlyn Wymer*

My mom is a wonderful person.  She has taught me how to do so many things- how to take care of kids, how to take care of sick people, how to take care of hungry people, how to take care of  lonely people. Generally, my mom is a care-r, and I'm so thankful to have been raised under her example.   

I sometimes associate people with food. My friend Elle is guac and papas and hippie sandwiches. Val- black beans, cilantro, nutella, and almond croissants. And my mom? My mom is chocolate chip cookies- warm and nostalgic and sweet.

Every time we are at my parents house it is understood that there will be chocolate chip cookies after dinner, and the leftovers will come home with us, and I will accidentally eat them all the next day, probably for breakfast. It's one of those routines that we've settled into that just feels completely right. And that's just how mom is. Mom is "chocolate chip cookies" to everyone- bringing warmth and comfort and sweetness to all the people she encounters, and what's best is you don't even have to ask. She just knows what you need and has it ready and waiting for you when you get there. She has that home spirit.

Thank you, Moth, for passing that home spirit down to me, and thank you for all the years worth of chocolate chip cookies. Happy Mother's Day.

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