enjoying ______

I was journaling the other day about what I'm enjoying about this season of our lives. When I look back I want to remember the special things Rob and I did together, the things we joked about, what we did with our friends. I remember when I was just beginning high school, I enjoyed the green straws at Starbucks and the fact that my best friend and I could meet each other there by biking from our houses. In late elementary school, I enjoyed having solos in the school plays and wearing this particular smart little tweed skirt suit with a big bobbly necklace. (I honestly don't know.) Even further back, I enjoyed catching toads and singing to our neighbors' dogs over the fence and eating cheddar cheese cut to look like carrot sticks.

Here are a few of the things I'm enjoying right now :

Lazy afternoons at the Greenbelt. Austin just came out of a loooooong drought and everyone is just tickled to death at all the water everywhere. Usually the greenbelt- a hiking trail and creek- is bone dry in the summer, but this year it is up to 15 feet deep in some places! Serve with honey limeade and Tacodeli tacos. Mmmm...

Snickerdoodle Cookies. One of the moms of a kid in my elementary school used to make the best snickerdoodle cookies ever, and I never even tried to make them because hers were so immaculate. But now, 15+ years later, that has changed. Snickerdoodles have found their way into our regular, dessert/snack rotation. I take them everywhere I can now and scatter them around like I am Mother Ginger herself. Snickerdoodles for everyone!

Eating said snickerdoodles in bed with a good book. Because I am grown and I am allowed to eat cookies in bed.

Inside Jokes. Inside jokes are one of the best things to have. Even if it's not really that funny on its own, or doesn't make sense when you try to explain it to someone else, it feels nice to have a shared history of funniness with someone.

The way people respond when they find out we don't have cable, Netflix, or wifi. It's actually so funny to see. In modern times, this puts us up there with Thoreau living out at Walden Pond writing about the conflict between ant species. We often get complimented on being really disciplined purists, and as much as I enjoy being imagined as a disciplined purist, it's just not true. We just kind of lack the energy to install all those things and are avid movie renters. And then I wouldn't be able to enjoy that anymore!

Taking Pictures of Food. My friend Val and I now get together and cook and take pictures of food and it is just absurdly fun. Food is so much more agreeable to photograph than animals or frolicking children, and you get to eat it afterwards. Not so with the other subjects, unless you are photographing a chicken, but how disturbing to take a picture of it first. Maybe fry it and take a picture after.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees. I have a history of suffocating houseplants with my affection, and decided to try my hand (thumb, ha) at raising a fiddle leaf fig. I had read that these could be pretty finicky, but they were just so pretty and lo! Two months in and mine is still so alive! We named ours The Professor and set him on a little stool in the study/music room/ guest room. There's a little fern on the desk across from him named Darth Poe.

Naming Plants. (See Above.)

SNL's "The Californian's" skit. Rob and I talk like the Californians all the time now. "Who's the Fiather?"

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