Virtuous Food: The Green Smoothie

Welcome to the newest idea that hath hatched in my pate: Virtuous Food!

You may have already realized that I like bread, cookies, pie, cheese, and coffee. These are some of the things I like the most. I also like kale, peaches, eggplant, and eating food that makes me feel like a yoga instructor/rock star.

Here in the aviary, we don't favor one certain way of eating over another. If I make paleo recipes it is because I think they sound delicious, not because I am a paleo-adherent, and if I make migas three times a week it is because migas sound delicious on all three of those days. I make cookies about once a week, and I make fruit and veggie smoothies once a day.  I like Indian food and nursery food, enchiladas and grilled cheese sandwiches. So here, while we're a little unbranded, you'll get a taste of all the things I'm enjoying. And today, that is this.

The Super Virtuous Green Smoothie that You Might Even Like to Drink on Vacation

This is currently my favorite smoothie. It tastes tropical and earthy and refreshing, not like you're drinking salad, and it makes me abundantly happy because it is COLD.

The way I make smoothies takes a little bit of prep work at the beginning of the week, but if you plan ahead it should be a breeze. For our smoothies, I usually peel, quarter, and roast beets (drizzled with just a bit of coconut oil) then throw them in the food processor once they've cooled. I also like to puree fresh spinach and kale. If there's any fruit that's getting over-ripe in the fridge I will also puree those with a little honey or coconut oil because it makes me feel- again- like a yoga instructor/rock star who doesn't waste produce. Then I slice a bunch of bananas and toss them in sandwich bags in the freezer.

I put the pureed fruits and veggies in little ice cube trays like this one and freeze them, so they're easily accessible when it's smoothie time.

pictured here: pineapple// spinach // kale // beets // strawberry puree with honey

pictured here: pineapple// spinach // kale // beets // strawberry puree with honey

"Hey! Cute pic, Cate!" said no one.

The recipe for this smoothie is assuming you've followed the ice cube tray method, but if not, it's pretty easily improvised with fresh produce.

1 cube spinach

1 cube kale

2 cubes pineapple

1 sliced frozen banana

1 Tbsp. chia seeds

1/2 c. coconut water

Throw everything into your handy dandy blender. Blend blend blend. Smile to yourself and bask in the awesomeness of planning ahead and drinking vegetables for breakfast. Pour in a little more coconut water if it's too thick.  Taste, sigh happily, and casually mention throughout the day what a healthy smoothie you had this morning.

*Paper umbrella optional*



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