Oftentimes, I have extra tidbits left over when I'm preparing something- an unused half of a lemon, cauliflower florets that just won't fit on the pan, those last half-dozen balls of cookie dough. So into the fridge the extra bits go, to be pulled out when dinner or snack need to be improvised. Here is where the extra bits of blog things go- pictures I wanted to share or funny things that happened but didn't really merit a full post, or thoughts on a book I'm reading. So, here are this week's extra bits!

(Disclaimer: a lot of these pictures will be a little fuzzy because I just use my iPhone camera, rather than carrying around a DSLR and being motivated at editing beyond instagram.)


First of all, these cookies. I found a recipe online for these little virtuous cookies. They're just mashed bananas, oats, chia seeds, and a thumbprint of jam. I tried one and was like 'oh, how mediocre.' Then I ate three more. It was strange. They were not good, but then they got really good. I don't know.

Some of my favorite things- candles, coffee, marble countertops, and pretty napkins. Not to mention the very good company of The Bird.

  • Joy the Baker has a recipe for Campfire Baked Bananas at Home here, which I will definitely be trying!
  • We rented one of my favorite movies from childhood this week, the Great Mouse Detective, and watched it literally three times. How about you? Favorite Disney movie? Rent it if you can! Serve with appropriately themed foods, or just ice cream.
  • I want to make crumpets. Because, how cute. Also, because Great Mouse Detective.
  • Jen Hatmaker shared her pizza recipe over here. I have the lofty ambition of instituting a weekly pizza night where we either order it or make it at home, because I think I finally dubbed it as one of my all time favorite foods. (Plus Jen's recipe makes enough for two dinners! Make two, freeze two!)
  • Do you have a summer bucket list? I'm wanting to make one and would love to know what's on yours! Happy weekend!



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Virtuous Food: The Green Smoothie