summer bucket list

First of all, I never really knew that bucket lists were a trendy thing to have. Then in the course of a week like, 5 people referenced their bucket lists and I felt really out of touch with everything and like I was not going to accomplish much if I didn't have a plan. Rather than posting my life bucket list though (how daunting!) here is one for the summer. 

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Summer seemed to last a lot longer when I was a kid. We had summer vacations planned and my aunt had a pool. I'd spend the day reading or at friends houses or watching Food Network (yes, I have always been this exciting). Now Robin and I joke that summer is just working while it's hot. Determined not to be beat by the mean reds, I have put together a list of summer activities that we will be doing on our summer stay-cation. I'd love to know what's on your summer bucket list, too! 

  • make homemade donuts! - joy the baker has some that are brown butter and pistachio and I cannot imagine anything yummier 
  • make a big abstract painting- preferably while watching Benny & Joon
  • play in the hose- because, childhood. If only if I could find a Crazy Daisy... 
  • do something pretty with the space over our piano- right now it is topped with plants of varying degrees of alive-ness and one pretty photograph by our friend, Sam. 
  • put shelves in the kitchen- (i.e. have Robin put shelves in the kitchen) 
  • try to make pizza on the grill- I'm thinking Canadian bacon and grilled pineapple could be fun! 
  • make popsicles- watermelon lime, and some fruit and yogurt ones!  
  • go kayaking! 
  • have some friends over for s'mores and a movie in the backyard
  • go to Zilker Hillside Theater to watch Hairspray- and picnic. because we enjoy being good at life. 

One of my friends, Amy, suggested an "Urban Adventures Quest," which is a fun historic tour/scavenger hunt of Austin. I'm hoping that will be part of our summer list too ;)  

I'd love to hear what y'all are doing this summer, as well as any suggestions for vacationing at home.  

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