It's tiiiiime forrrrr tidbitsssss!! *polite applause* I have to be honest, I have like 4 other posts that are basically done but are just missing one little thing like a picture or a recipe or a good title, and I just breezed past those because it is tidbits day and I don't have to really have any cohesive theme going on here. Isn't that freeing? Everyone should do tidbits. Here are this week's... 

We went to see Hairspray at Zilker Hillside Theater (basically my favorite, non-food related thing about living in Austin) and it was so awesome. It has been a family tradition since I was in middle school to go to the summer show and picnic. This year we only went to see the show once, but usually I get in about 3 or 4 visits. One of our friends had a lead role (watch out Michelle Pfeiffer), so we packed up a picnic and a quilt and sat out with family, friends, and a bunch of sweaty trendies to watch the show. After the sunset and intermission, the weather cooled off beautifully, just in time for "Without Love." 


Here's this fun little hippie book, "Art for Mindfulness: Landscapes." I've actually been all about this lately. It's a coloring book for adults! Apparently this is an emerging trend? There was some stuff about art therapy in the prologue of this book but I skipped it. Mine is turning out to be "Art for Arthritis: Why You Shouldn't Try to do Stippling for an Entire Landscape." You should go get one. I recommend the Scandinavian Folk Art one.  I also recommend not stippling an entire picture if you plan to use your dominant hand for anything at all the rest of the week. 


I buy succulents now and they largely stay alive. *ah ah ah ah stayin' alive, stayin' alive* It's funny though, I have to keep them inside. Texas is literally so hot right now *Hansel, so hot right now*  that my little cactus babies can't even stay on the front porch! But how pretty is this place?! I wanted to just set up a little teepee and live amidst the succulents forever.

I made some paleo cookies (recipe here) which are completely delicious, even though we're not full on paleo people. Or really even part time paleo people. Basically, we go get wings and feel awful inside so then I make paleo cookies and we feel better, even though we just ate cookies. They are not pictured because we ate them all before there was time. 

I decided to play with embroidery yesterday! I haven't done this since my mom got me cross-stitch kits when I was little, and this one didn't have those handy printed pictures on it.  The closer-to-finished product had a beakless, legless robin under the text, so I'll show you a picture when I have the right color thread to finish our little bird! 

Also, Wallace and Grommet's "The Curse of the Were-Rabbit." It's jusssssst everything. We've been doing this thing where we rent one 'normal' movie, and one clay-mation movie. You can probably guess who the second one is for. We've come to the realization that I like these so much because I actually am a clay animation figure. Take a candid picture of me talking and you will see what I mean. 

We did a lot of the the things on our summer bucket list, and we also did a lot of things that weren't on there, like antiquing, unintentionally going to Cheesecake Factory on National Cheesecake Day (this is an actual thing), and I've started doing The Artist's Way. It's an intensive course in rediscovering your creativity and it is soooo awesommmme. Lots of writing. Lots and lots of writing and I am loving it so much.

Those are the tidbits for the last few weeks! Hope you all had a happy summer! 


so, space...

starfish and cactus