so, space...

Robin and I have been really into space lately. Outer space, to be precise. Not like, personal space. 

One of our friends is (secretly but not secretly) a legitimate genius, and he has this epic telescope that we got to see Saturn in, and every time after we hang out with him and his wife, even if we don't talk about space at all, Robin and I go home and learn about space.

A few weeks ago, we went over to see their new puppy and got pizza and snow cones, and then on the drive home, Rob and I decided we really needed to know about nebulas (nebulae?) and black holes. And, what we're all thinking, if the crazy tidal wave planet with the warped time in Interstellar is possible... *spoiler alert, yeah, but not that to that extreme APPARENTLY* *and thank God, a tidal wave planet?! The nightmares...* 

So we're looking at the God's Eye nebula and all these other crazy beautiful things that are just dust and gas floating around in space, marveling that God left all this majesty lying all over the place, all this beauty we can't even see. On the drive home, the moon was full and close, pale yellow like a giant butter cookie, and we thought of all that was beyond it, and felt very small.

One of my Bible teachers a few years back said something that I haven't forgotten, that any time we learn something true, we learn something about the character of God. We shouldn't be afraid of new truths because if it is really true, it has something to teach us about the God of truth. As we started reading up on black holes, these were some of the truths we learned: 

Black holes aren't portals to behind the bookcase, or to another dimension, they're actually the cores of collapsed stars. According to NASA, "a black hole is a great amount of matter packed into a very small area- think of a star ten times more massive than the Sun squeezed into a sphere approximately the diameter of New York City." Even though black holes are technically dead stars, they are exponentially more powerful than they were in life. Black holes have a gravitational pull so strong that not even light can escape. So while scientists and those astronomy folks can't see them, they can estimate where they are because of the effect they have on the environment around them. 

As we were reading up on this, we realized that  putting a lot of power in really unlikely places is kind of God's trademark- like how He put the fullness of His deity inside a baby inside a teenage girl in the Israeli boonies, or how He puts his very own Spirit inside of us. Continuing the allegory, death and rebirth are one of the central themes of faith, and when we choose to die to our self-reliance, the resurrection in Christ fills us with exponentially more power. The Spirit is invisible, but when we open ourselves to the leading of the Spirit, God is made plain in the effect He (and we) have on the environment around us. 

We have much more power than the equivalent of 10 suns squeezed into NYC. We have the very Spirit of God in us and I think sometimes we have no idea what to do with that. Let's try to start walking in that power together. Let's encourage each other to live courageously and boldly.  Let's remember that the God of the Heavens is also the God of the earth and that He wants to be strong in us. He wants to be a whole lot of power in an unusual place.

source on black hole facts :

Go ahead and google image search "nebula."

Mind. Blown.