Happy Miscellany


There is a list on my phone entitled, "MISCELLANEOUS LIST OF HAPPY THINGS I WANT TO DO." I add to this list when I see something that I love but I don't know how to categorize it amidst all my other lists containing the sand paper grits we used on our hardwood floor, Jen Hatmaker's Crunchy Salad recipe, and one ambiguously entitled "hedgehog accordion"…?  

So, here's a peek into my list of happy miscellany. I hope it adds some sparkle to your week. Also I'd love to hear what's on your miscellaneous list of happy things you want to do! I'm always looking to add more :) 

Make a grilled cheese with brie, fig jam, bacon (WHAT) and sliced pears. I'll say no more.

Diffuse rosemary, bergamot, and lemongrass essential oils. Someone promoted this as their favorite morning oil blend and it just sounds like all the finest things. However, I will have to do this at someone else's house as we don't have an essential oil diffuser, so I'm sorry if I make myself way too at home and start mixing up a yummy-smelling potion the next time I'm at your house. 

Make a Half-Apron! (and be not deterred by my lack of sewing prowess.) Isn't this French Stripe Half-Apron the cutest?! And if sewing isn't your thing, here's a no sew one! If I was making my own tutorial we'd be keeping it classy and hot gluing all this business together. 

Have a Dinner Party with Breakfast Party Favors. Because the only thing that would make me happier than having people over for dinner is knowing that I get to facilitate a happy breakfast the next day. Wouldn't it be so fun to send each guest home with some cold brew coffee and a square of cinnamon-y coffee cake? I think yes. :) 

Read More Mystery Novels. Life is more fun when you feel like you're solving a mystery. It's also more fun when you fall asleep reading in bed, rather than falling asleep on the couch watching Friends. Your brain will thank you. I just finished Louise Penny's The Beautiful Mystery and highly recommend it. I also recommend buying the next in the series at the same time, because closure. 

Become a Person who Weaves, Casually. I love the idea of weaving. I like yarn and wall hangings and doing things with my hands, so weaving sounds like a fun fit. However, I don't want to invest in a loom and all the tools, etc. so here is a tutorial for a weaving using a clipboard as a loom if you, too, want to weave casually. 

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