7 Uses for All the Kale

Let's be honest here. We don't eat all the kale. 

I only know of one person who uses all the kale and she is the sort of person who exercises at 5:30 in the morning and knows all the terms for lifting weights. (There are terms.) I usually only have use for half the bag, and then feel guilty every time I look at that half full bag of kale in my fridge, wilting. To spare us from the guilt of not eating all the kale or working out in the wee small hours of the morning, I have made a list of uses for excess kale! Yippee!! Let's take a look. 

7 Uses for All the Kale (!!!): 

1. Make Green Smoothie Cubes - I like to make little ice cubes of fruit and vegetables for my smoothies to minimize prep in the morning, and because it makes the leafy texture of kale & spinach a bit more palatable. Just wash your kale, throw it in the food processor with a bit of coconut oil, then spoon it into an ice cube tray. I've included my strategy and my favorite green smoothie recipe here

2. Make Kale Pesto -  Joy the Baker has done it again. She has taken the ordinary and joy-ified it, with this Kale Pesto Pasta Salad. We get to feel good about eating pasta! It's covered in greens! Many, many thanks, Joy. 

3. Bake some Kale Chips -  This is a win-win because you will feel very trendy and accomplished at making your own kale chips, and you will also love the taste. These chile lime kale chips look like just the thing… 

4. Throw it in a salad - I love this salad because it is largely centered on the toppings. As I have explained before, I like salad and ice cream for the same reason: both are a vehicle for tasty toppings! This one from Cookie + Kate sports sweet crisp apples, homemade vinaigrette, and dried cranberries. Robin even likes it! 

5. Pretend you work for Kinfolk -  What do I mean? I mean add those suckers to a floral arrangement. If you bought bunches of curly leaf or dinosaur kale, add some leaves as greenery to a vase of flowers. You will either feel very clever for doing this, or very crazy. But take heart, stranger things have been done. 

6. Add it to a soup - Soup was invented to disguise and reinvigorate vegetables. Yea verily and amen. This Zuppa Toscana from Susie Davis looks like juuuuust the thing. 

7. Make Hippie Baby Food - This works especially well if you have a baby, but never fear if you don't! Surely there's a friend, co-worker, or neighbor with one somewhere! This feeds two birds with one scone- you get to pawn off your excess kale, while also seeming like a healthful and caring parent/friend/neighbor/co-worker. Maybe someone will return the favor with a pan of brownies! Check out this blackberry- kale- apple baby food from baby foodie… 

Do you have a creative way you use up extra veggies? 

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