Jesus + pie + coffee at royer's pie haven

so, in the previous post I talked about how I was taking a break from singing with Robin at church, and lo and behold!, today I am posting the lyrics for our worship set at the pie haven! Lest I seem too contradictory, let me explain that Round Top is one of my most cricket-chirpy happy places. I get to meet up with some of my faraway best friends there, and we have coffee and sit on the porch swing and watch the babies run around. It is also dear to me because Royers Cafe serves the best pimento cheese sandwich I have ever had (BACON THERE IS BACON ON IT), and one of my favorite restaurants, The Garden Co. just set up shop there also. It is all so sweet and quirky and whimsical, and everyone we meet has been so kind. It's equal parts Stars Hollow and the sweet little town in Runaway Bride, and I really am holding out hope that someday I will run into Richard Gere there. Fingers crossed. 


Tonight we're going to sing to Jesus and eat pie and drink coffee and hopefully pass some babies around. And I think if I could start my own church it would be just that: worship under the trees with twinkle lights and pie and a bunch of people who just want to love love love Jesus and each other and the world.

Here are the lyrics if you want to sing along ~ thanks for joining us!

magical egg nog french toast

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