k-indie- garten : a playlist

kid friendly songs that won't make you want to stab your eardrums...

It is Christmas time, and I'm in the back seat of our old Ford Explorer. I'm pinching my white tights and snapping them back against my legs and singing along to my current favorite cassette tape, A Veggie Tales Christmas. I love the song that the nasally asparagus sings, and we listen to that tape all Christmas long and, to my dad's chagrin, long after Christmas too.

Now I know that he HATED that cassette. But he dutifully learned the words and sang along because that is what great parents do. 

We know every song that each of Shep's toys play, and those are most commonly the ones stuck in our heads while we're trying to go to sleep. But sometimes you're in the car, and you're all just tired of driving and you want to listen to some music that isn't sung five octaves above normal human range. 

So, heeeeeere you go. Songs that we love and that Shep loves. They're not exclusively kid songs, but they're great background music for playtime or in the car or for a good old fashioned family dance party. I've also got this playlist on spotify, under k-indie-garten, or you can mosey on down to the 'listen' button at the bottom of the post and skip all the reading.

T H E   G O O D   L I S T

Can you Canoe?, The Okee Dokee Brothers : other favorites... Bullfrog Opera, Jamboree, and Haul Away Joe.  

All is Love, Karen O and the Kids : This whole soundtrack is just fun. I like to turn it on in the morning. It lends itself well to coffee-drinking and waking up a little more quietly. Rumpus is another favorite. 

Valentina, The Hunts : Basicallly what would happen if the Von Trapps + The Lumineers all had kids with each other. Home-schooled family band. Do I need to say more, really? 

All I Want is You, Barry Louis Polisar :  This is one of The Happiest Songs. Listen to it even without your kids. Learn the words and hum them in line at the store - instant mood lift.

What I Wouldn't Do,  A Fine Frenzy :  The first line starts, "if we were children I would bake you a mud pie," and the cuteness just goes on.

Twice as Nice, Pomplamoose : Quirky and poppy, Pomplamoose is a husband-wife duo whose tunes are so good they just make you want to keep circling the parking lot til you get to the end of the song. Their rendition of La Vie En Rose is my favorite. 

You Remind Me of You, Jack Johnson : The whole album, From Here to Now to You is so sweet. He wrote this one for his daughter and I cannot handle the whole dads writing songs for their kids thing. 

Little Blue, Josh Garrels : Another song from a dad to his daughter. We had this on our playlist at the hospital after we had Shepherd and it is a forever favorite. 

Song About Elmo, Adam Sandler :  Elmo is Shepherd's favorite, and this song is actually really clever. "It's not a song about a banana, who slipped on himself and fell-mo." AND THE PUNS CONTINUE. FOR THE WHOLE SONG. 

How Sweet It is (To Be Loved By You), James Taylor : Because, James Taylor and happiness are two sides of the same coin. Or record. 

Dancing in the Moonlight, King Valley: Our current favorite family dance jam. 

I Want You Back, Jackson 5: Introducing this song to your kids can be part dance party, and part history lesson, because there is a generation who has no clue who the Jackson 5 is and that's just. not. right.  

So there's the roundup! Hope these bring a little sparkle to that looooong car ride home from Target.



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